Secure the best value PPAs

Our marketplace allows you to focus on your projects while we find and secure the best PPAs

Access a large network of buyers

We’re developing networks with NZ government organisations, sustainable businesses and large energy buyers, helping you to secure the best Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) buyer and price.

Attract project investment

PPAs backed by NZ’s best businesses will help you to attract project investment on the best possible terms, ahead of other projects competing for finance.

Faster financial close

Our standardised PPA fairly shares risk between buyers and sellers and speeds up the transaction. Our ability to 'sleeve' PPAs is highly attractive to buyers because their PPA and non-PPA electricity appears on a single retail electricity bill.

Receive revenue and data

As your project starts generating power, we’ll arrange the cash and data flows between all parties (market, retailer, buyer and you). We’ll also ensure you’re correctly paid each month, and there's simple access to meter data.

Pay fair commission fees

Our marketplace earns commission fees in return for helping you to secure the best value PPAs with lower transaction and legal costs.

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