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Lower your electricity costs

Advances in solar and wind technology are significantly reducing the cost of renewables, creating opportunities to lower your electricity costs by purchasing directly from projects via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). PPAs typically fix the price of electricity for 5-15 years, helping to protect your business from wholesale price increases.

Simple purchase agreements

Our standardised PPA fairly shares risk between buyers and sellers. We’re creating a process New Zealand businesses can trust, giving you confidence to proceed with this long term, high value agreement.

Payment via your electricity bill

We’ve made it simple to buy electricity from a renewable project. PPA payments appear as a line item on your bill, and any additional electricity needs are met by the retailer.

Achieve climate targets

PPA electricity will be 100% green and certified as carbon zero, lowering your Category 2 (Scope 2) emissions. You're also helping Aotearoa reach net zero target by supporting the development of new renewable projects. Currently over 75% of New Zealand's final energy consumption is supplied by fossil fuels.

Pay low fees

We charge low fees to cover the cost of managing cash and data flows between the market, retailer, developer and your business. Most of our revenue comes from commission fees paid by the renewable developer.

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